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“Ceres Me”

Using the condensed Oryza Rice Germ Oil, rice ceramide and rice peptide from Japanese rice as the main ingredients for skin care products.

Rice ceramide, prevents the loss of sebum,  enhance the skin immune  system  to strengthen the epidermis to achieve healthy skin self-moisturizing effect.  Cerimide is extracted from rice bran.  From 10.000 kg of rice  only 1kg of ceramide  raw material can be extracted.  (1:10,000)

Rice Germ Oil, is the the oil extracted from the germ and the inner husk of rice, and can help restore normal secretion of sebum, repair dry skin, to prevent chapped skin,  promote skin self-defense force.  

The rice peptide, with excellent penetration, can alleviate  the capillary redness, itching phenomenon causing by expansion of skin. The raw of rice protein is extracted from rice bran. 



Use 100% high purity functional materials, remove the concerns of mixture impurities, preservatives substance.

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