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1 Minute express Food Warmer 700138/7 Excellence Tigex

1 Minute express Food Warmer 700138/7

60 sec. Express  Bottle Warmer   700137/8 The quickest: heat 1 bottle in 60 seconds flat. Hygienic: lid to protect against kitchen splashes...

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Baby Alarm Zero Interference 700123 Excellence Tigex

Baby Alarm Zero Interference 700123

  The main advantages of your baby alarm (system for listening from a distance): > “Pilot Tone” zero interference system :...

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Baby Magic Sound 700702 Excellence Tigex

Baby Magic Sound 700702

Simply plug your MP3 reader into Baby Magic Sound and let baby listen to your favourite music. A choice of 6 tunes and 3 natural sounds to help you...

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Baby Monitor 700125 Excellence Tigex

Baby Monitor 700125

  > Digital technology gives you clear  sound without interference and 100% confidentiality. > Baby’s optimal comfort:...

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Excellence Bottle warmer 700220 Excellence Tigex

Excellence Bottle warmer 700220

  This bottle warmer for the car and home combines performance and ingenuity to make it very easy to use. Heats 1 bottle in 90 seconds at home....

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Excellence Electric Sterilizer 700128 Excellence Tigex

Excellence Electric Sterilizer 700128

Fast : Perfect sterilisation in 6 min. Efficient : bottle stand diffuseing steam to the heart of the bottles. Universal : for 8 bottles, all formats....

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Gourmet accessories 6 pcs 820210 Excellence Tigex

Gourmet accessories 6 pcs 820210

Ideal for baby's meals. 6 containers which can use them to keep freeze, defrost, warm and measure baby's meals. Machine dish washable. They have...

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Night Light 700703 Excellence Tigex

Night Light 700703

7 changeable colours Works with mains electricity Due to its  light sensitive cell, the night light switches on automatically in the dark and...

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Nightlight Magic Flower 700701 Excellence Tigex

Nightlight Magic Flower 700701

Variable soft lighting with its own switch, creating a soothing environment for baby.  It has 6 prerecorded tunes and 3 natural sounds to lull...

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Nightlight Magic Light 700700 Excellence Tigex

Nightlight Magic Light 700700

Spotlight, designed to project moving luminous patterns on the wall or ceiling that arouse baby's interest.  As a night light provides...

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